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Comparison Of BoluokeŽ (lumbrokinase)
With Other Enzymes

Product name
Nattokinase Boluoke® Imitators Serrapepti-dase Bromelain
Packaging 60 capsule 60-90 caps (varies) 30-36 caps 60-90 tabs 60-100 tabs
Main ingredient amount 20mg lumbrokinase per cap 36-100mg nattokinase per cap mostly 230-250mg of earthworm extract per cap 5 or 10mg of serrapepti-dase per cap  250-500mg bromelain per cap
Retail price      (in USD) $92.76 ~$60.00 ~$36.95 $13.95-$18.95 $13.50-$22.50
Enteric coated Yes Some Some Some No
Dosage 1 cap 1-3 times daily for maintenance or 2 caps 3 times daily for 3 weeks 100mg/d for maintenance or 300mg/d acutely 4 capsules daily; or 6 to 9 capsules daily 1-2 caps 3 times daily 750-2000mg daily or higher
Enzyme source Earthworms Natto cheese Earthworm Silkworm Pineapple stem
Enzyme composition A multiple enzyme preparation A single enzyme preparation A multiple enzyme Preparation A single enzyme preparation A single enzyme preparation
Suitable for strict vegetarians No Yes No No Yes
Enzyme is standardized against Urokinase &      t-PA activies Yes.  Each mg of lumbrokinase in Boluoke contains no less than 120,000u of tPA activity, and no less than 100u of Urokinase activity No.  But 1mg of  cDNA nattokinase (95% pure) contains  ~12,000u of tPA* activity (commercial nattokinase is much weaker) Unknown A proteolytic enzyme, but not a true fibrinolytic agent A proteolytic enzyme, but not a true fibrinolytic agent
Commonly used in clinics anywhere in the world Yes, used in many China hospitals/clinics since 1995 No. N/A N/A N/A
Effects on PT or APTT Boluoke® does not signif. affect PT or APTT Possibly if Vit. K was not removed Yes Unknown Markedly prolong PT and APTT
Inhibits platelet aggregation Yes Yes Unknown No No
Human clinical trials done Yes.  Phase I to III clinical trials completed on Boluoke® in China  Some small (less than 30 subjects) human trials Unkown Mainly on tissue/lung inflammation  Mainly on tissue inflammation


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